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Thilo & Anastasia Young

Thilo and Anastasia Young are Orthodox converts, baptized into the Coptic Church on April 14, 2012.

Anastasia was an Evangelical Christian from the age of five until her conversion. Thilo grew up in the Mormon church, leaving it for atheism in high school. He converted to Evangelical Christianity in his early twenties.

Thilo and Anastasia met in 2001 at a large nationally televised Evangelical church. Some years later, having engaged in comprehensive study of theology and apologetics, they began teaching a group of high school and college students at Friday night discussion meetings.

Thilo and Anastasia were introduced to the early Church, and more specifically Alexandria, during a study on the formation of the Canon of Scripture. They continued their historical inquiries while simultaneously learning about Orthodoxy at St. John Coptic Church.

Through a year-long season of catechesis, they became convinced of the trustworthiness of the teachings of Orthodoxy. Under the mentorship of Abouna Daniel Habib, they decided to be baptized into the Coptic Church.

With a love for the Church and her people, Thilo and Anastasia are blessed to visit parishes across the United States, encouraging Copts to recognize what a treasure they have in the Coptic Orthodox Church.

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